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Build your PC Website for mobile

Posted By Emily Nicholls Monday, May 14, 2012. No Comments

With stats on the increase for people searching online for information and
with tablet browsing looking to overtake pc sites, then why it is that
companies are still thinking it’s the norm to concentrate all efforts on
enhancing or re-developing existing pc experiences and then think about doing
mobile as an after thought – therefore leaving mobile for at least 6 months

Surely with the same effort you can have a PC site and a mobile site as part
of the same build for a smaller investment. Are we not yet at the stage
where the mind-set should be reversed and really the question that should be
asked is if we are going to want a mobile site why not build PC site with
this in mind and do the two together?

With more businesses seeing their trade moving from PC to mobile and even
bricks and mortar  businesses seeing their revenue switch to online can your
business really afford to wait? Marks and Spencer mobile purchases are
apparently on average double the value of on their PC Site.

By delaying through concentrating on your PC site now and then looking at
mobile, your opportunity cost is high, and your actual build costs will also
be far higher and more painful in the long-term as you’ll be managing 2
sites . By doing it now and as part of your current build you’re only
looking at an incremental increase of around 20% in time and cost, your
on-going management of mobile will be drastically reduced and your
opportunity cost will be reduced too. If M&S are anything to
go by you’ll be making money!

If all of this doesn’t make you think about doing your mobile now and as
part of any existing build or refresh then consider this… Data from
Microsoft’s internal analysis of their mobile search query data reveals that
70%t of PC “query chains” (essentially search tasks) are completed in about
one week while 70% of mobile users do so in one hour!

Your customers aren’t waiting, so why are you?

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