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Posted By Emily Nicholls Wednesday, March 6, 2013. No Comments

In order to deliver leading edge products your R&D efforts need to be constantly one additional step ahead of the ‘leading edge’,I have heard this called the ‘bleeding edge’ or basically predicting the future!

Since we founded bemoko in 2007 predicting the future has basically been our job, looking way out there at technology trends, consumer adoption and technical advancements in both software and hardware and assessing what’s going to shape the future technology landscape.

bemoko has been amazingly adept at getting our predictions right, which I think comes down to having immense passion for what we do. In 2007 long before the first smart phone, we built our mobile web delivery platform designed to deliver mobile web for any device. In 2007 this seemed like a bonkers idea, but we were all passionately convinced that pretty soon companies would need to take a mobile first approach to web development – a concept that is just emerging today and one that bemoko have the leading and most advanced solution to deliver against.

With all things web and especially mobile, nothing stands still for long so as we continue to innovate we continue to look ahead what we need to do to remain at the leading edge. So what does that look like? Our overarching feeling is that devices, desktop, mobile, tablet and all the other groovy things like Google glasses will soon just merge into “web” pretty soon developing in silos will be a thing of the past, we’re calling this One
Web; an environment where people will surf, shop, play, chat, and do all the other things that being “constantly connected” will deliver but the physical device will be secondary.

In this new and exciting environment the biggest challenge will be managing a customer’s experience as they move across channels and devices – their expectation will be one of a seamless experience that adapts and morphs to the specific time, place and interface. So as important as the ability to deliver content ubiquitously, the content itself will need to be highly adaptive and interpretive. This is next generation customer experience management (CXM)

This new era of CXM, which we are all approaching at break-neck speeds will require advanced technology and broad expertise drawn from what are currently slightly different but aligned technology backgrounds of content management and user experience, and cross device delivery (e.g. mobiles, tablets, cars and TV’s etc.) Bring these two elements together and the result will be at the cutting edge of ubiquitous computing (Sometimes referred to as omni-channel)

So in our quest to innovate and continue to provide leading edge services we have brought bemoko and SDL Plc an international provider of digital customer experience management solutions together in an acquisition of bemoko by SDL. Adding the bemoko multichannel delivery technology into SDL’s suite of customer experience management solutions will enhance SDL’s existing capabilities and deliver an incredible combination of products built for the next generation of web – ‘One Web’.

We are all hugely excited to be in a new home with new technology capabilities,wider expertise and an international footprint and are looking forward to continuing to be at the leading edge for many years to come.

Mobile is changing
Web content is changing
Internet is changing

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