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Do I need to think about mobile?

Posted By Mat Diss Monday, April 6, 2009. 1 Comment

The following text is an extract from the bemoko whitepaper on mobile.  The full version can be download from our website.

In 2008 users really took to using mobile to access and interact with information using the web. According to Nielsen, the mobile web in US added on average 13% more reach over home PC traffic for leading web sites. Even celebrities are taking to it, with Stephen Fry saying “the great thing about Twitter is you can use it on your mobile phone. You just send things”. Now that it easy for content to be provided whenever and wherever, the boundaries between the content provider and the consumer are being blurred – the mobile phone is a crucial factor that is making this happen. People want to interact with these services and they are turning to services that provide a decent mobile experience. Even turning away from services that are not mobile-ready.

The usage of smartphones increased massively through 2008 with the audience for smartphones “increasing from 3.7 million to 5.7 million mobile subscribers”. Now why do we see that as important? “Only 24% of feature phone users browsed or downloaded from the Internet in July 2008 compared to 56% of smartphone users”. A Smartphone is a mobile phone with advanced capabilities beyond that of a typical mobile and it allows users to receive rich experience from applications on their phone, whether that be mobile web applications or downloaded applications.  Turning this the other way around – it allows service providers to take control and deliver an experience to the user that compliments their digital and non-digital marketing campaign. No more need to compromise.

The mobile market is fertile and users are hungry for good user experiences. We are transitioning from the point where mobile is about used by 10-20% of the UK population, to a point where it is an integral part of your digital marketing campaign. With demand for users to interact with the community and the brand increasing and the user wanting to interact through the channel of their choice, there will be time in the near future that, without a mobile channel, you can easily get left behind.

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  • jackson

    Apr 14th, 2009

    I am on my way to getting innovative mobile handset soon, in the mean time I can gather information and research all the things that I might want to add to my phone. So, your posting is quite helpful for me.

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